Preliminary Structural Design Service: Within the scope of this service, we collaborate and fully engaged with the other disciplines, particularly the architectural group, to deliver an integrated solution for the design project. Economic, solid and viable design proposals are achieved through producing alternative solutions tailored to the requirements of the project. The project design criteria are established within the scope of this service.

Structural Design Service: The execution of all the required static calculations and drawings in line with the project decisions are included in the scope of this service. After securing all the official approvals, project implementation phase starts.

Consultancy Service: It involves the consultancy service provided to deliver solutions to the project in line with the client’s aspirations and the requirements about the structural design, during the term of the Project. Moreover, the service covers the examination of calculations and drawings on behalf of the employer, and delivery of necessary support with respect to the economic and robust design of the structure, the overview of regulation conditions, application-oriented design proposals etc.

Special Structures: Nowadays, the ever-growing architectural demands bring about the development of complex special structural systems. Our expertise gained over the diverse systems and their combined use to deliver solutions to meet the architectural demands enable us to derive the appropriate solution to meet the expectation of the client through evaluating different alternatives (concrete, steel, post-tension etc.). We are able to integrate the new technologies in the most appropriate way into your projects through our close cooperation with universities and their support.