KEY PROJE was established under the name of Ceyhan Mühendislik in 1983 and started to work predominantly in the sphere of Construction sector, and changed its name to KEY PROJE İNŞ. SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. in 1985. For more than 35 years, our company is providing services to the civil engineering sector. We are committed to delivering economic, timely and high-quality design solutions using our extensive project experience, our innovative and progressive approach.

We have got a wide spectrum of completed  and ongoing projects, and our diverse expertise spans across wide range of civil engineering projects such as mass housing projects, shopping malls, hotel buildings, structures with tunnel formwork system, structures with post-tension and long-span, high-rise residential and office buildings, hospitals, military installations. Especially in the structures with tunnel formwork systems, we have been engaged in the designs of the system from the date it was first introduced in Turkey, and served as an model to the other projects with the projects we delivered, and contributed to the setting of the tunnel formwork system standards.

Our seasoned staff who have built their experience on projects with diverse scope, content, requirements and design are led and managed by well-qualified professional personnel of high calibre who have a good grasp of the project, along with in-depth knowledge of the details and particulars of the project. Starting from the preliminary project phase, our proficient staff seek to forsee the problems that may arise in the design and implementation process, and the coordinated and smooth operation of all the disciplines are ensured.

Deliver solutions, which support the design and the production by keeping track of the innovations in the ever-evolving structure of the construction sector and incorporating these innovations, tools and procedures into their projects. Within this scope, KEY PROJE has been integrating BIM-based solutions into their projects since 2012 to produce technical drawings and models.

KEY PROJE has become a preferred brand for the large companies in the sector with its highly-experienced staff who are involved in many large projects at home and abroad, together with its technical and technological infrastructure and its commitment to high quality service. We would like to convey our sincere thanks to all our esteemed business partners who prefer us and sustain their business relationship with us for years.

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M.S. in Civil Engineering
Managing Director